Festive Look


As the festive season approaches us, sari is an attire that holds glamour and versatility. Draped by women for years that catches ones gaze. The sheer perfection of manipulating the fabric and creating a whole new outfit whilst personalizing it, ultimately feeling like yourself. With varieties of materials and divine colour combinations, ones always going to look unique. Here I have put together the classic golden and white combo, for a Kerala festival, Onam. The golden embroidery with the pure white says it all. To add a touch of elegance and uniqueness, as its a tradition to wear this particular type of sari hence I have paired a velvet blouse to add my own touch with a modern spin. the key to achieving this classic yet sublime look is to compliment or wear the same tonal elements so there must be a sense of unanimity within the blouse and sari, whether one incorporates the dominant shade or the border shade. A collared blouse or an off shoulder crop top can easily add a twist to the whole look and its seen all over the runaways.
Sari can be totally personalized to ones taste, whether you opt for the traditional look or create a contemporary look with adding pieces like a shirt or vintage jacket.
Get glamorous this festive season!

Ezra Dais.

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