With great style comes great confidence


Being an art student can be quite the challenge, with coursework taunting you while you try to keep up with the schedule and attempt to produce authentic pieces packed with distinctive technique’s and ideas. Its a great eye-opener as one becomes more observant, adamant and most importantly finds their own path to creativity.
Tamara de lempicka, a Polish art deco icon who shined her way through the 20’s breaking stereotypes, producing fashionable pieces and liberating the freedom of woman and empowering them with the use of various props. I came to the realization that accessories play a huge role in representing ourselves as we chose to dress. Its quite staggering how props or elements such as a scarf or a hat can easily empower us or give us that boost of confidence. Its so important for one to dress in attires that portray their personality and makes them feel assertive and finds colors and shapes that compliment their skin tone and body. Keeping in mind that comfort is key and also dressing for yourself.
Here I have paired my off shoulder white top with a Fedora and a white scarf to tie the whole look together, a 20’s inspired look with a modern spin; elegant, fresh and poise. Cardinally something I feel comfortable and confident in.
-White on white looks are a classic, they can be achieved by pairing fabrics that have different textures but similar undertones, they are great to wear all year around especially during summer and spring as they keep the heat of.

Ezra Dais.

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