Fashion Forward Dubai: Day 2


FullSizeRender 35.jpg

Day two attire is a head to toe Zara ensemble. Black on print look.

Varoin Marwah: first show and presentation of the day. Pieces perfect for a yacht party. Springy colours incorporated in well cut and tailored pieces.

Dubai based designer with an indian origin, his work translates the modern mens style.

HZ by Hissa Zainal: Glamorous yet sophisticated pieces with a modern spin. lots of victorian necklines and net textiles creating the vintage vibe.

The Qatari designer creates ready to wear label, whereby she marries futuristim and simplicity .

Mira Hayek: Bold and springy colours with flawy and structured silhouettes. Pastels and neutrals were present with a touch of quirkiness. 

Beirut based contemporary designer, her pieces are for the modern day women.The basis is geometric inspired patterns and designs.

Starch foundation: Perverse, Salim Azzam, Timi Hayek. A diverse collection from all three designers that have very distinctive style but revolves around the themes of patterns, design and traditional/ethnic backgrounds.

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

Amal Al Raisi: Runway show mainly consisted of feminine yet bold pieces tangles around the blues and pastel shades.

Amal al Raisi : Ventured into her collection in order to pay tributes to the traditional middle eastern women with a touch of couture and femininity in a bold mannerism.


Fashion talk: manufacturing and sourcing, global market trends 

Last and final day of the event. A must for all the fashion lovers out there to get inspired and meet the passionate designers and entrepreneur from all over.



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