Welcome to Ezra Dais

A passionate seventeen year old who goes by the name of Fammie and I live in the hottest and brightest city; Dubai! (Literally though, its super hot here) There’s no greater happiness than doing what you love and this blog is all me.
I’m an aspiring fashion stylist so keeping up with the trend is vital for my living and I’m no master at fashion but I like keeping things classy and chic. Fashion is more than just putting clothes together with a bag and a pair of shoes, its redefining you and making a statement for no one else but yourself.
Fashion is a huge part of who I am but there is nothing more that I enjoy more than travelling; experiencing various cultures, witnessing picturesque scenery and tasting mouthwatering delicacies. Travelling on its own is such a crazy adventure, every place is marked with a memory that lasts a lifetime, every culture so strikingly diverse has a story by its own author and every trip is an evidence for the new relations you have fostered with yourself and lasting connections.
This is my roller coaster so grab a seat and tighten your seat belt because its a wild journey ahead.